Queen of the Kitchen cooks at Klein-Kariba!

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21764937_11462347221...Limpopo: One of the secret ingredients of a kitchen’s success story is an incredible assistant. With the Queen of the Kitchen cooking competition we are looking for the most creative and inspiring kitchen assistant in South Africa! This cooking competition started on 25 September 2017 at ATKV Klein-Kariba and closes on 29 September.

There are about 15 teams participating in this competition; a competition of acknowledgement, focusing on the skills development of kitchen assistants. The emphasis is on the close relationship between a food expert and his/her kitchen assistant as well as their shared passion for cooking. This competition also has a graphic component in that participants must take photos of their dishes. The key here is creativity and bonus points are awarded for the best photos. A short course in photography was presented during the opening of the competition and participants could learn the ropes of creative food photography.

22089584_11479846286...“ATKV Klein-Kariba wanted to get involved in this project, because we really want to acknowledge those people who have been working in kitchens for many years, and who enjoy preparing delicious food. It is important to us that participants are empowered and given a platform where they can truly express themselves,” said Wim de Wet, the resort manager. “We want participants to use this opportunity to showcase their talent and it is the reponsibility of the ATKV resorts to give back to the community.”

The winner will be announced on 29 September 2017 and will walk away with a cash prize of R35 000. Participants who are in second or third place, do not go home empty-handed. A cash prize of R25 000 is waiting for the participant in second place and the one in third place receives R15 000. Participants from all over South Africa have gathered to cook together and one lucky winner will walk away with the title.

“It is for us as judges important that each team works together as a unit. The planning, presentation of the food as well as the flavours and combinations all play a large role in the allocation of points in this cooking competition. Participating teams must have a passion for cooking!” said Poppie Coetzer, top-4 finalist in Kokkedoor and judge in Queen of the Kitchen.

“We are here to enjoy the week and to give recognition to our hotel staff who spend long hours in the kitchen,” said Joseph Louw, kitchen assistant of Elna Mocke who came all the way from O’Kiep in the Northern Cape. Each team received guidelines and had to compile their own recipes. “We are as prepared as can be, cooking is our profession and we will give our best this week!”

22046447_11479845986...What can guests be looking forward to at ATKV Klein-Kariba?

  • Actionman takes place on 7 October 2017.
  • The Nguni Slow Meat Experience and auction is from 3 to 4 November 2017.
  • The popular Studentejol starts on 3 December 2017.

More about ATKV Klein-Kariba

Some 90 minutes’ drive from Johannesburg, just outside Bela-Bela, lies the inviting ATKV Klein-Kariba resort in one of the Waterberg’s most beautiful ravines. This top-class resort offers a wide range of accommodation options with true Bushveld hospitality. A variety of activities, recreational facilities and amenities such as a restaurant, fast-food division and a well-stocked shop, ensures that guests are well looked after. To top it all, Klein-Kariba is located along the Bushveld tourist route, which serves as the ideal base for day tours to explore nearby tourist attractions. ATKV Klein-Kariba – experience true hospitality at the gem of the Bushveld!

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