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Things to do for culture vultures at Drakensville

Things to do for culture vultures at Drakensville

There are two types of holidaymakers: The families who want to reach their destination as soon as possible, because only then their holiday begins. Then there are those families who stop for sightseeing at every small town along the way.

Lynthia Julius

Yeast bread on the coles

Lynthia Julius is not only known for her enchanting poetry (she was after all the winner of the 2018 AVBOB poetry competition), she is also a master bread baker – and today she is showing us how to master a recipe as only a Namakwalander can do.

Toast Coetzer Camping Food Secrets

Toast Coetzer Camping Food Secrets

This week it is Toast Coetzer’s turn to share his camping food secrets with us. Toast is no novice when it comes to camping. Being the travel editor of the Go! magazine, he has walked all the corners of Africa, especially South Africa. His secret is straightforward – simplicity. But let him do the talking...

Niel van Deventer and family

To drive to Klein-Kariba and swim back

Niel van Deventer is well known – as film producer (of among others Dis ek, Anna), musician in the group, Zinkplaat, and nowadays also as a dad. Like many other well-known people, he also likes to share his fond memories of some of the ATKV’s most popular resorts, Buffelspoort, Klein-Kariba and Goudini Spa.

Christo Davids

Christo Davids

Christo Davids needs no introduction – theatre maker, film producer, actor, writer … This is definitely a man of endless talents! And guess what? He has fond memories of ATKV Goudini Spa that he likes to share.

SSSSSNAKE! Be informed and prepared.

SSSSSNAKE! Be informed and prepared

In our new monthly column, we will look at different snakes holidaymakers may encounter at ATKV resorts …

Bibi Slippers Recipe

Bibi Slippers Recipes

Even well-known South Africans are into camping. Poets, writers, actors… 

ATKV Resorts is where the JOL is at!

ATKV Resorts is where the JOL is at!

StudenteJOL is definitely a holiday you can't miss! Every year 1 200 matriculants and students from all over South Africa, come together at two of our resorts...


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