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ATKV Resort promotions: how do they work?

The ATKV's rate structure is based on four calendar divisions (except for Hartenbos, which has only three calendar divisions)..


ATKV Resorts' rate structures

To make it even easier for you to come and relax at your favourite ATKV Resort, we would like to bring the following to your attention.

Let go of your sorrows – come and relax at ATKV Resorts

ATKV Resorts are making your holiday experience easier with family-friendly breakaways at any of our seven resorts, giving you, as a member, the privilege of booking in advance.

What the future holds for ATKV MICE - ATKV

What the future holds for ATKV MICE

The COVID-19 pandemic started off as a distant threat in China and rapidly spread to the rest of the world before we could even comprehend its severity. Its reality hit home when we started seeing the infection numbers skyrocket in the blink of an eye.