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Safety measures at ATKV Buffelspoort are up to standard

Since the shooting tragedy on Thursday 17 February 2022 at ATKV Buffelspoort, there have been several accusations of insufficient safety and security on the resort.

“2022 is the year to move out of survival mode”, says trusted thought leader, Erik Kruger

Erik Kruger is a thought leader and a pioneer of modern leadership. Being the founder of Modern Breed, an international speaker, executive coach and author, with a master’s degree in Executive Coaching, Erik maintains that “2022 is the year to move out of survival mode, not because the craziness of the world has subsided, but because it is set to continue.

Tragic shooting at ATKV Buffelspoort is being investigated

ATKV-Buffelspoort neem met groot hartseer kennis van die skiet- tragedie wat in die vroeë oggendure
op die oord plaasgevind het.