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ATKV Online Bookings Now Available

On 14 October 2019 the ATKV will launch their brand-new online booking system, with the ATKV Klein-Kariba holiday resort to be the first to test drive this user-friendly system. The six remaining resorts are set to join the initiative in the next two months.

Prospective guests can look forward to a quicker, more convenient way of booking their stay at an ATKV resort, with the added option to peruse the offerings of each holiday destination before deciding on where to stay. Users will also be able to check the availability of their resort of choice before starting the booking process, and there will be exciting online-exclusive deals to look out for from time to time.  

The online-booking-system experience is unique to every user and can be finalised in no less than five minutes! Yet, with the ATKV’s wide variety of accommodation and camping options, some users might find that their booking process is more time consuming than that of others. For those who have trouble navigating the system there is a short how-to video on all ATKV resorts’ websites and social media channels that aims to explain the booking process step-by-step. There is also a dedicated FAQs page on the ATKV’s website to address any possible questions and concerns users might have. 

In the age of cybercrime, the ATKV has partnered with the POPI-accredited software developer, Nightsbridge, in order to ensure that guests have peace of mind when using their system, thanks to Nightsbridge’s in-house bookings software, PayBridge, which guarantees safe and secure payments done online. In doing so, users’ credit card details aren’t stored after their transaction has concluded – the system merrily verifies that the details provided by the user are correct, and communicates with the bank in question to confirm that the user has the necessary funds to complete the transaction before finalising the matter. Once the funds have been transferred the user’s details are removed from the system and the participating resort’s records are updated with the new booking.

Although many guests prefer using the online booking system, traditional means of booking aren’t ruled out and, since the system is still in its early stage, all booking options aren’t yet available online. As such, ATKV members who enjoy the benefit of preference bookings will have to contact their resort of choice in-person to secure their stay for the time being. With that said, it is planned to have an online component to this benefit come 2020.    

Apart from the ATKV’s in-house online booking system, prospective guests can also book their stay through popular online travel agencies like Lekkeslaap, Travelground, SafariNow and Afristay.