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ATKV Resorts is where the JOL is at!

ATKV Resorts is where the JOL is at!

StudenteJOL is definitely a holiday you can't miss! Every year 1 200 matriculants and students from all over South Africa, come together at two of our resorts, ATKV Klein-Kariba and ATKV Hartenbos to relax and celebrate the end of their school career. Both of these resorts are situated in some of the most beautiful parts of our country. Perfect for a breakaway after the matric exams.

Since 2009, ATKV Klein-Kariba has been welcoming students at StudenteJOL and ATKV Hartenbos since December 2018. ATKV Klein-Kariba offers an entertainment program for everyone to enjoy and share in the fun. Ironman, Miss StudenteJOL and touch rugby are only a few of the many activities this resort has to offer. If you are in the mood for camping or not, both resorts got you covered with various accommodation options to choose from.

Parents can rest assured that their children will not only have a good time at StudenteJOL, but they will also be in a very safe environment. “At ATKV Klein-Kariba, our students' safety is our top priority! We have staff that are on duty 24 hours to look after the safety of the students. We do not allow any day visitors during this period to ensure that we have proper control over all individuals visiting the resort, ”says Riaan Maritz, Marketing Manager of ATKV-Klein-Kariba. “We ensure that every element of StudenteJOL is in place and complies with national safety standards. Our goal is to offer all students the best and most enjoyable holiday of their lives! ”.

Ian Hawkesley, Entertainment Coordinator at ATKV-Hartenbos believes that ATKV Hartenbos is the ideal place to visit for your matric holiday. “Except for the outstanding music and entertainment we offer, the resort is also situated close to all shops and restaurants. Students have everything they need within walking distance, therefore students don't have to drive to get to places”.

Every year, various well-known artists like, Snotkop, Biggy and Spoegwolf perform during StudenteJOL. These shows were most certainly one of the many highlights that students could enjoy. “Here at StudenteJOL we celebrate the whole week. We socialize, we make new friends and catch up with old friends, ”says Maruake du Preez and Jacolene du Preez, twins from Boksburg who both attended the JOL at ATKV-Klein-Kariba in December 2019. 

Live music
Man performing at studentejol
Matric students enjoying Studentejol
Girls in the pool
Friends in the pool

“StudenteJOL was an incredible experience and the vibe is amazing, I will forever treasure all my memories of this holiday,” says Wian van Tonder, enrolling studies at University of Pretoria this year.

Want to JOL with us this year? Please visit our website for more information. See you at StudentJOL 2020!