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Bibi Slippers Recipes

Even well-known South Africans are into camping. Poets, writers, actors… after all, everybody enjoys a bit of sunshine, some relaxation and a good braai. We approached a few celebrities and asked them to share their favourite camping recipes with us – and these were as diverse as the Karoo and KZN. You see, these days not all of us settle for some chops and pap. These are the days of vegan campers and health-conscious holiday makers. No need to take a spare tyre home with your suntan. Most of the ingredients are easy to take along on your holiday or to buy from shops at the various ATKV resorts.

Bibi Slippers, award-winning poet and bookworm shares her recipes with us this week. And should you want to absorb some culture while enjoying the great outdoors, make a point of buying Bibi’s anthology, Fotostaatmasjien, to bring with on your holiday. It’s available from all big bookshops.

Both Bibi’s recipes contain no animal products. 


Bibi’s overnight oatmeal


For campers who have no desire to get up early in the morning and start a fire, this is an ideal breakfast to prepare ahead of time so that you can sleep in.  When you’re ready to face the new day, your breakfast is ready!


A mixing bowl

2 glass jars with lids

½ cup oatmeal

2 table spoons chia seeds

1 table spoon linseed

1 table spoon cocao powder 

1 teaspoon vanilla essence

¼ teaspoon ground cinnamon

1 large, ripe banana

1 cup almond milk 


peanut butter

mixed nuts

fresh banana 

dried fruit or berries


Using a fork, squash the banana in the mixing bowl. Mix all dry ingredients with the banana. Add the almond milk and mix thoroughly. 

Dish the mixture into the glass jars, close the jars and leave overnight. 

The next morning, you can add any of the suggested extras to the oatmeal or enjoy it as is.

This recipe serves two. (Original recipe by Leozette Roode in The South African Vegan Cookbook)

Bibi’s braai recipe

Bread-free Beyond Burgers (or other veg burgers) with feta and pomegranate

Camping is no excuse for not putting your best foot forward and serving fresh and festive-looking food that both your taste buds and your eyes can feast on. 


4 vegetarian patties (I normally use Beyond Burgers available from Woolworths) 

1 packet dairy-free feta cheese (Also available from Woolworths, or try the Violife range from Checkers and Pick n Pay)

1 pomegranate

1 fresh lettuce

fresh spring onion

fresh coriander

1 cucumber

1 lime


Braai the vegetarian patties as directed. 

(Beyond Burgers can be braaied for 3 minutes each side)

Prepare a bed of lettuce on each plate.

Place a cooked patty on each bed of lettuce.

Slice the dairy-free feta in long strips and lay it across the hot patties.

Sprinkle pomegranate seeds over the feta.

Chop the spring onion and coriander and sprinkle over feta and pomegranate.

Slice the cucumber, squeeze the lime juice over it and serve as a salad with your bread-free burger. 

The recipe serves four.