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 Dans, hoop en lééf In Afrikaans!

Magical Memories at InAfrikaans Music Festival in Hartenbos

The InAfrikaans Hartenbos music festival, which took place in Hartenbos this past December, was another one to remember! 

This music festival takes place every year at the Hartenbos Amphitheatreand is truly synonymous with a real Hartenbos experience. It is located in the heart of the town and very sheltered from the severe winds. Families and friends came to visit, while artists such as Jo Black, Robbie Wessels, Karen Zoid, Refentse, Francois van Coke, Spoegwolf, Kurt Darren, Elandré, Apple, Leah, Early B, Jan Bloukaas and Danny Smoke entertained the audience.


“InAfrikaans is unique because every year is different in presentation and that contributes to an incredible atmosphere that you will only find in Hartenbos. There is usually a good balance between the well known and unknown artists, who are given the platform to be introduced to a national audience, ”says Johan Vorster, founder of Inhoud Huis Media.

Inhoud Huis specializes in the production of music, films and television programmes. Johan and his team has the ability to turn every creative idea into reality! The process of putting together a music festival like this one, requires careful planning and hard work throughout the year. “Jacomien de Villiers and I interact directly with the creative team of Inhoud Huis together with the musical director, Matthys Maree, and the concert director, Carien Loubser. ATKV Resorts also take part in the brainstorming session and then we jump to get the work done! Our reliable team also travels to ATKV Hartenbos every year to help with all the preparation, ” says Johan.

“Everyone is excited here in Hartenbos! I can't wait for Jo Black and Karen Zoid's performances. The atmosphere is something incredible and everyone has a smile on their face, "says Terick Mostert, who attended InAfrikaans at the end of 2019. Francois, another concertgoer says the atmosphere and holiday feeling are two of the main reasons why he attends year after year. “Tasché is also new to the stage and I have always wanted to attend one of her performances ”.

Over the past three years, more than 70 000 people attended the InAfrikaans music festival in Hartenbos. However, concertgoers can look forward to another bigger and better festival in 2020! “We can't tell you all about 2020's InAfrikaans, but it is definitely going to be something that has never been seen in South Africa.”, Johan says.

Man performing
Man singing in crowd
Man performing with guitar and singing

Got your tickets for InAfrikaans 2020? Please visit our website to keep up to date with all the updates on InAfrikaans 2020 at Hartenbos!