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clouds with sunlight behind them

Every cloud has a silver lining…

At the ATKV, we deliver a service. It’s our job and our duty to let people relax. To let them kick off their shoes and help them to forget about work, stress and routine for a moment. In a way, we give people hope again. We recharge batteries. We create memories that are cherished for years. Maybe we even help to strengthen family bonds, to forge new friendships. So, in this uncertain time, it is still our duty to help people relax, even though they are far away, isolated in their homes and removed from their family. There is too much focus on the negative, but if you look closely, you will see the positive.

There is hope everywhere during this uncertain time. It sometimes comes from the strangest places. Average people are offering to help the elderly – even if it’s only to do their shopping for them. Businesses are making massive donations to charity organisations. Italians are making music and singing to their neighbours from their balconies. There is a worldwide hero-worship for medical personnel – I am thinking specifically about a supermarket group in England who opened especially for them, so that they can buy food and other supplies. Or, how about the people who put teddy bears in their windows so that the kids could look at them when walking past? Or those who painted rainbows and stuck them to their windows to remind passers-by to have hope?

This time of isolation is frustrating for everyone, but perhaps it’s time to get some perspective. Everyone is always in such a hurry that there is hardly ever any time to talk – really talk – or start a project together anymore. Build a puzzle. Read the book that has been lying on your bedside table for weeks. Lend a hand where you can. Maybe this quarantine is more necessary than you think, and for all you know, a few good things can come of it. 

We hope and pray that the end is near, and when that day comes, your favourite ATKV resort will be ready to make wonderful memories with you once again.


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