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Leopard painting by Elsa Cornelissen

Work of world-renowned artist on display at #WFTC2020

The work of Elsa Cornelissen, a world renowned African wildlife and Symbolic Realism artist, will be on display at ATKV Buffelspoort for the duration of the World Field Target Championship (#WFTC2020) from 19 to 23 August 2020.

The purpose of Elsa’s art is to convey a message, evoke a powerful emotion, and create an awareness of the uniqueness not only of a species but to bring every individual animal to life.  Elsa is well versed in various genres and mediums, but her medium of choice is acrylic paint.

“My paintings represent my passion for life. Art is an extension of myself through which I have been able to channel my emotions and life experience and grow as a person,” says Elsa.

Zebra painting by Elsa Cornelissen

“A work of art usually begins with an emotional idea. Similar in approach to a filmmaker, I decide on the right subject and location, and then embark on an adventure that will provide me with the necessary experiences to capture the character of the piece. I have however discovered that in the end, art always reveals more about the artist than the subject. To paint something – to capture a moment frozen in time – only to have it live again when viewed by others is one of the greatest joys of being an artist.” 

“My aim is to communicate our close bond with animals, from the beginning of time we've co-existed on this plant, and  through art, I hope that a deeper individual consciousness will develop along with a need to protect, and conserve animals and by doing so be consequently enriched.”

leopard painting Elsa Cornelissen

After several years in teaching, she gave it up to devote herself fully to painting, offering art classes every so often. In 2015 Elsa started a new venture called The Art Guesthouse, in her home in Schoemansville, Hartbeespoort, where guests can experience creativity in her immediate surroundings. 

Elsa welcomes guests, local and international, to visit her at her guesthouse.  “Here art is the flow of imagination that is played out in the field of time, we breathe and live art every moment of the day, without realizing it, through all our senses. I would love you to experience it here … it soothes the soul!”