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The COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown trapped you in your house and neighbourhood for months. Thanks to the regulations being relaxed, this challenge is luckily behind you and you can now load your caravan, pack your bathing suit and come and relax safely at your favourite ATKV resort.

Although your bags are packed, your getaway is booked and you are ready to take on the road, the "new normal" requires a new way of thinking and you probably can't help but wonder what the process will be when you reach your destination.

ATKV Resorts have figured this out on your behalf and we want to introduce our 1Tick digital check-in system.

What is 1Tick?

ATKV Resorts and 1Tick collaborated and we took up 1Tick's online indemnity system for our resorts in order to speed up the check-in process on arrival and to encourage social distancing by limiting contact with resort staff as far as possible.

This system lets you complete your COVID-19 health questionnaire, as well as your indemnity form, quickly and efficiently, saving you time and effort.

How does this process work?

The guest will receive an SMS 48 hours before arrival, with a link to the digital questionnaire and indemnity form in his/her preferred language, which can be completed on a computer, cellphone or tablet.

An example of such an SMS:

Watter tipe inligting word van jou verlang?

  1. Personal information

    For example:

  2. Health information

For example:

I am unable to complete the form online, what now?

The indemnity book, together with the health questionnaire, is available at the resort to complete by hand, as usual.

It is important to us, ATKV Resorts, that families can come and relax comfortably after the pressure that COVID-19 has caused.

To read more about ATKV Resorts's health and safety protocols, please follow this link:

You can't afford to wait a day longer to book your perfect family holiday. Getting away has never been this easy. Come and relax safely with your loved ones!