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ATKV Resorts

Let go of your sorrows – come and relax at ATKV Resorts

ATKV Resorts are making your holiday experience easier with family-friendly breakaways at any of our seven resorts, giving you, as a member, the privilege of booking in advance.

Members can make their bookings for March/April and the Easter Weekend 2023 from 1 August 2022,  as per usual.
However, to facilitate the booking process, we would like to bring the following under our guests attention:

1. The preferential booking period for members is limited to the first 14 days of August 2022.
Members only have 14 days from 1 August 2022 to book. Bookings will be opened to the general
public from 15 August 2022. Members can make bookings from 07:00 on the 1 st  of August 2022.

2. To protect your and our staff`s health, no bookings can be made in person at our ATKV Head
Office or at any of our resorts.

3. Members should please also note that the #RekUit deposit policy for preferential bookings
still applies. More information on the schedules can be found here:

4. Preferential bookings can also be done online on the member platform

Please note the following when booking online:

i. From 1 to 14 August 2022, members can book online for March/April 2023:
ii. This applies to all resorts. At ATKV-Hartenbos, accommodation can only be booked online
(also telephonically ), however reservations for camping can only be made telephonically

When booking online:

i. You may only reserve ONE unit or camp stand
ii. You can NOT choose a specific unit/stand, only a unit type or camping stand block.
iii. The deposit is 10% of the booking value, the same as with normal bookings. The deposit is
10% of the booking value, payable immediately, only for 01 and 02 August 2022. After that it
falls back to 50% of the booking value, the same as with normal online bookings.
iv. Members must ensure, beforehand, that they have valid login details to avoid disappointment
on the day. If you are unsure about the process to register, please contact our membership
department at 011 919 9000.
5. Phone and email bookings (only email applications as received from 01 August 2022, 07:00)
are accepted, but phone bookings will take preference.

If you phone to book:

i. You can choose your unit/stand.
ii. You may only reserve ONE unit or camp stand
iii. Is the deposit 10% of the booking value, payable according to the #RekUit schedule.

When phoning to make a reservation, you can use any of the below numbers:

ATKV Buffelspoort – 014 572 1000
ATKV Drakensville – 036 438 6287
ATKV Eiland Spa – 015 386 8000
ATKV Goudini Spa – 023 349 8100
ATKV Hartenbos – 044 601 7200
ATKV Klein-Kariba – 014 736 9800
ATKV Natalia – 031 916 4545
Central reservation office – 011 919 9092

We appreciate your cooperation in this regard. Don`t miss out – call us from 1 August
2022 and book your family-friendly breakaway at one of our seven beautiful resorts.


ATKV Resorts
348 Surrey Avenue
South Africa

+27 11 919 9092