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ATKV-resorts is proud to introduce 7 unique restaurants called Koswerf. This brand extension is now available at all 7 resorts.

ATKV Resorts now boast six unique new restaurants by the name of Koswerf. This brand extension of the ATKV is now open at Eiland Spa, Buffelspoort, Klein-Kariba, Natalia, Drakensville and Goudini Spa. Holidaymakers will feel even more spoilt now with a variety of delightful, modern and familiar dishes to choose from. The restaurants have a relaxing, holiday vibe – just right to spend time with family and friends. The Koswerf menus offer value for money and there will be something for every family member at any of the ATKV resorts. A lot of work has gone into ensuring that we offer a wide variety of balanced meals, all colourful, stylish and super inviting. Prepare your taste buds for a Koswerf breakfast or homemade beef burger with caramelised onions and gherkins. The biltong salad and salami wrap are also guaranteed to be great hits. Not to mention the Koekel-doedel-doo pizza! For the sweet tooth, there is the most amazing granadilla cheese cake – yummy!

Schalk Cilliers, ATKV executive business director elaborates on the restaurants:

What is Koswerf?

The name Koswerf is a translation of Food Court, like those seen in large shopping centres in and around Johannesburg. Normally you will find a variety of restaurants, formal and informal, in a Food Court and we applied this same idea at the resorts. Koswerf will cater for all the restaurants and fast-food outlets, as well as for conference groups, special occasions like weddings, and social gatherings of, for instance, senior citizens.

What inspired the redevelopment of the resort restaurants?

The restaurants have the potential of being sound, profitable businesses in their own right and the redevelopment is focused on that. The new menus, décor and service are meant to support this goal and the restaurants must be a reason for visiting an ATKV resort.

What are the future plans for Koswerf?

The vision is to position Koswerf as a franchise and to develop a footprint outside ATKV resorts.

What is your favourite meal on the Koswerf menu?

Steak - Mustard cheese sauce with onions and mushrooms.

Catering consultant Heleen Meyer chats about the mouth-watering dishes:

What inspired the menu?

The current, more hype food trends. We wanted to create something modern, fresh and really flavoursome, but also something that guests are familiar with and can enjoy. We most definitely also try to offer healthier and lighter meals.

How will the menu develop?

There will definitely be seasonal additions like soups in winter. Items such as pizzas and salads may also be adjusted from time to time. We also plan to use the basic menu of the restaurants at conferences and other functions or at least to have menus overlap. This will make things much easier for the kitchens and some of the dishes will be familiar to guests. The dishes will, however, be presented in new and interesting ways when prepared for a formal occasion, for instance.

What is your favourite on the Koswerf menu?

The Veggie market pizza with roasted butternut, caramelised onion and feta cheese. It is something new and interesting and staff were very excited about it during their training. The wrap with salami, tomato, cheese and caramelised onion was also a great hit, because it is such a flavoursome combination. The Koswerf salad is also something I will enjoy regularly. Ideas like the Koswerf salad, Koswerf burger and Koswerf breakfast are most exciting and will play a major role in the entire Koswerf concept. Heleen Meyer is a well-known foodie. Her recipe book, Onthoukos (LAPA Uitgewers), is a nostalgic journey through recipes and memories.

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