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ATKV-resorts is proud to introduce 7 unique restaurants called Koswerf. This brand extension is now available at all 7 resorts.

ATKV Resorts boasts seven unique Koswerf restaurants, as well as delicious takeaway offers at Kits Koswerf. The trademark expansion is now open at all seven resorts.

Your meal is served!

The restaurants offer a tranquil family and holiday atmosphere, and is the ideal place to spend time with family and friends. If you prefer to enjoy your meal at your favourite spot on the resort, you are more than welcome to order a takeaway.

Koswerf's and Kits Koswerf's menus offer value for money and there is something for every family member, no matter at which resort you are spending your holiday. We worked hard to ensure that we have a wide variety of balanced meals available, all of them colourful, stylish and ready for you to enjoy. Prepare yourself for a Koswerf Breakfast or a homemade beef burger with caramelised onions and gherkins. 

The chicken salad and Koswerf Koning pizza will definitely be favourites, not to even mention the chicken schnitzel with cheese sauce! For the sweet tooth, there is ice-cream and chocolate sauce, and each resort offers a unique treat to spoil you even further – yummy!

Schalk Cilliers, the ATKV's business executive, tells us more about these restaurants:

The name Koswerf is derived from the English name, Food Court, like the ones in the big shopping centres in and around Johannesburg. Usually, there are different restaurants, both formal and informal, in a Food Court and we carried this idea forward to the resorts. Koswerf does catering for the resorts' restaurants and fast-food restaurants, as well as for conference groups, special occasions, such as weddings, and social gatherings for, for example, senior citizens.

What was the inspiration behind the renovation of the resorts' restaurants?

The restaurants have the potential to be great, profitable businesses in their own right and the renovation focuses on that. The new menus, décor and service also have to support this goal and should be a reason to want to visit an ATKV Resort.

What are Koswerf's future plans?

The future vision is to franchise Koswerf and develop its footprint outside of the ATKV Resorts.

What is your favourite dish on Koswerf's menu?

Steak with a mustard and cheese sauce, with onion and mushrooms.

Na Donker is a favourite among the residents and holiday goers at ATKV Hartenbos. Experience the warmth of ATKV Hartenbos by visiting Na Donker and Koswerf, the most delicious pub and restuarant in the area! Here you can also enjoy delicious Koswerf dishes, exotic drinks while socializing and dancing.

Are you looking for a venue for a wedding reception? Or planning a morning for the men or ladies, a conference, a launch or a business breakfast? This venue with the Koswerf Restaurant is ideal for functions and gatherings.

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