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 To make is as easy as possible for you to stay abreast of our latest promotions, we summarised all of them into a single document. Here you can view all our available promotions and easily decide at which resort you want to book, when and how much you will save!


Goudini Herfs Accommodation

Save this Autumn at ATKV Goudini Spa

Goudini Autumn Camping

Save this Autumn at ATKV Goudini-Spa

Goudini Camping Promotions

Save with Goudini-Spa's camping promotions

Buffelspoort Promotions

Save at Buffelspoort

Drakensville Promotions

Save at Drakensville

Natalia Promotions

Save at Natalia

Klein-Kariba Promotions

Save at Klein-Kariba

Hartenbos Promotions

Save at Hartenbos

Eiland-spa Promotions

Save at Eiland-spa