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The ATKV Hartenbos Beach Resort is one of South Africa’s premier vacation destinations. Hartenbos Seefront is a development within the ATKV Hartenbos Beach Resort, and we are proud to be recognised as the ultimate place for visitors of all ages to enjoy endless entertainment and fun, state of the art leisure and retail facilities, and almost everything else you can think of for an unforgettable holiday.

Fun Park

Experience adventure like never before!

Boasting an endless variety of activities and entertainment options, we guarantee the whole family will have an absolute ball all day long!

From tiny tots to teenagers, our adventure park has something for everyone, ranging from a fenced-in play area for toddlers to adventure golf and a splash pad with water related activities. Watch this space for more exciting developments in the various launch phases of the Adventure Park.


In season and logn weekends: 08:30 - 22:00

Sundays and public holidays: 08:30 - 20:30

October school holidays: 08:30 - 20:30

Out of season Fridays and Saturdays: 08:30 - 20:30

Out of season Sunday to Thursday: 08:30 - 18:00

Water World

Experience the thrill of exhilarating water slides!

Situated within the Seafront Fun Park, our water world is a wonderland for water lovers and the perfect way to escape the scorching sun on a hot summer’s afternoon. If you’re after an adrenaline rush, it won’t disappoint! Take your pick from three different waterslides – one for every level of adrenaline junkie and tailor made for all age groups. Even those who aren’t the most daring can get their feet wet and enjoy the excitement of our more gentle curving downhill slopes. We plan to bring you an even greater variety of slides in the future, so watch this space for new additions and further information.

Supercharged Play Area

Taking jungle gyms to a whole new level!

Situated within the Seafront Fun Park, this 1 000 sqm area is perfect for kids from toddlers to teens – with all sorts of climbing, swinging, sliding, hanging, and more! Designed specifically to encourage and improve kids’ development, the play area is packed with all sorts of play things, nooks and crannies for hours of fun!

Adventure Golf

As part of the Seafront Fun Park, our adventure golf course will offer a fun-filled outing for the whole family. With brand new and exciting designs, it’s a great way to challenge your friends for a little competition during your stay with us. Take your pick from one of two exciting nine hole courses.

Mini golf packages
R20 per person for 9 holes

Contact details
+27 44 601 7255

Shops & Restaurants


As part of our commitment to making sure that you to have the ultimate holiday at Hartenbos Seefront, we have created a retail centre with a selection of shops, restaurants and bars for your convenience. We offer everything from grocery shopping and banking to wining and dining at restaurants that will satisfy any cravings from coffee to steak and seafood.


Trading hours

All year excluding Holiday seasons
Mondays to Saturdays ( incl. Public Holidays)
09H00 to 18H00

09H00 to 15H00

Holiday Seasons
1 Dec to 15 Dec & Easter Holidays
09H00 to 19H00

16 Dec to 4 Jan
09H00 to 21H00

All year excluding Holiday seasons
Mondays to Sundays ( incl. Public Holidays)
11H00 to 20H00

Holiday Seasons
1 Dec to 4 Jan
09H00 to 22H00

Easter Holidays
09H00 to 21H00

All year excluding Holiday seasons
Mondays to Sundays ( incl. Public Holidays)
11H00 to 22H30

Holiday Seasons
1 Dec to 4 Jan & during Easter Holidays
Mondays to Sundays: 11h00 to 22h30

No compulsory trading on Good Friday or Christmas Day


A fun-filled hive of activity!

Hartenbos Seefront offers you everything you need for a relaxing, entertaining and balanced holiday. From a world-class conference venue for concerts and indoor sports to warm water pool and a fitness centre – you’ll have everything you need right on your doorstep.

Heated Pool

Not a fan of cold water? Don’t worry, our swimming pool is set between 30 – 35°C, which makes it perfect for those slightly chilly spring and autumn days, or even for a winter getaway. Enjoy the sea view while you are making use of the pool and spend the day relaxing with friends and family.

R20 per person for ATKV guests (staying at the resort)
R30 per person

Monday - Sunday
08:30 – 10:30
11:00 – 13:00
13:30 – 15:30
16:00 – 18:00
18:30 – 20:30
21:00 – 22:30

Monday – Sunday
08:30 – 10:30
11:00 – 13:00
13:30 – 15:30
16:00 – 18:00
18:30 – 20:30

Wellness World

For the perfect balance, we offer you facilities to make sure that you feel relaxed and refreshed after your stay with us. In addition to the pool, our new gym means that you can stay fit with brand new equipment, water aerobics, personal trainers and a biokineticist.

Seefront Lofts

Almost surrounded by the sea and underneath the beautiful Cape sky, Hartenbos offers various luxury bed and breakfast accommodation options. These units are ideal for couples, business people and conference goers. Guests can look forward to top quality shops, recreational facilities and beautiful scenery, while they are welcomed with unparalleled hospitality.