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Okay, we know. You have been waiting the whole year for StudenteJOL. The exams are done, the marks don’t look TOO bad, and your dad has already paid a few rand into your account. Now you, your bros and the girls are ready to roll. Well, here are a few tips and (although I am sure Klein Kariba can cater for most of your needs) it is still better to be rather safe than sorry. And although it is not going to be as wild as Oppikoppi, there are a few universal rules regarding music, shoes and camping. 


If you are going to pitch a tent and not going for the rondavel/chalet option:

  • Arrive early – pitching tent in sunlight is just so much better as in the dark when you are searching for your tent pegs and don’t really know where you are. There are always latecomers who are going to queue at the gate. Come early, pitch your tent, and hit the shows. This also applies to the day of departure – leave a little bit earlier and avoid the masses.
  • Remember your campsite number (write it on your arm if need be) – you don’t want to fall around in the early morning hours to look for your tent.  
  • Keep a bag handy for your rubbish – don’t make it unpleasant for your neighbours. Litterbugs are so 1984.
  • Mark your tent. Put up a flag or something in front of your tent – you will see it better after having a couple of drinks.
  • Bring a proper sleeping bag, blankets and a cushion – the drinks may keep you warm during the day, but the nights can get cold. And you don’t want to wake up with a stiff neck that is going to spoil the rest of your weekend.  
  • A camping chair – sitting on the grass gets uncomfortable after a while. And you are also looking for a place to put your glass! 
  • A torch. You might just step on a rinkhals on your way to the toilet. 


Personal hygiene and other important items:

  • Wet wipes. You spill your beer in the car. Your hands are sticky after eating your braai chop. The guy next to you at the Spoegwolf show vomits on your feet. There are a 1000 uses for those handy little wipes.
  • Hand sanitiser. Well, you have heard enough over the past few months about how essential that is.  
  • Toilet paper. Too much alcohol tends to upset your stomach. You don’t want to plonk down and then discover there is no white gold next to the toilet.
  • Bottled water. Because all the singing is going to make you thirsty. And because of all the beer you get dehydrated. Take in fluids. 
  • Sun screen, a hat and sunglasses. Staying in the tent with sunstroke, while your chommies party, is not so nice. And even if you look stunning in your speedo or bikini, looking like a boiled crayfish has never been sexy.
  • A charger for your cellphone.
  • Headache tablets and Rehidrate. You know why.
  • Mozzie repellent (Peaceful sleep, etc.) – once again, no-one is sexy in a bikini or speedo with a body that is covered with red spots.

For the braai (Only if you don’t want to make use of Koswerf’s delicious takeaways):

  • Firelighters
  • Charcoal
  • A gas braai if you want your neighbours to envy you your bacon and eggs in the morning.
  • A cooler box – because those drinks are so much nicer when they are cold – AND it can also keep your meat and milk. 
  • PLEASE NOTE: Instead of packing all these things, rather eat at Koswerf.

Some more tips and advice:

  • Borrow your dad’s stainless steel wine glass – I guarantee your normal glass is going to break. 
  • A pair of slops – the ablution facilities at Klein Kariba are clean, but the guy showering before you might not be.
  • Leave your valuables at home – even if you want to impress the girls with your new MacBook, rather leave it at home. Thieves are everywhere – and not all of them wear balaclavas.

VERY important:

  • Enjoy yourself, but consider other people. No-one wants to listen to your Justin Bieber mix at four o’clock in the morning. 
  • Pace yourself – there are many shows. Don’t down half a bottle of Tequila and then miss them all. You are going to regret it the next day.