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Dear ATKV Client

We are entering a period in world history, unprecedented, strange and unconventional for most of us. Only the most wise and grey in our ranks will remember days where the world, and South Africa, had to stand together to resist an attack on our way of life.

The ATKV resorts fully support the measures announced by President Ramaphosa on 23 March. These measures will help to ensure that South Africans stay safe and healthy, that the medical industry and professionals can provide essential health care to the public and that we maintain law and order.  

Of course, this restriction will have an impact on our resorts, and we will close the resorts from 11:00 on Thursday, 26 March, and reopen (subject to the state’s restriction) on 17 April 2020.

Given the restriction set in place from 00:00 on 26 March, there will be an impact on guests who have already booked at our resorts during the restriction period. Specifically, bookings for Easter weekend, which is a precious time for many families, and we would like to address this. For the ATKV resorts to stay sustainable and still offer perfect family vacations in the future, we now also ask for your help.

We are going to move all bookings for the 2020 Easter weekend to the 2021 Easter weekend. We will assist you further by keeping to your booking’s current rand value, without an increase in the tariff, which would normally come into effect in March 2021. In this way, you also help us ensure that, after the restriction is over, we can continue to maintain our normal high standards of service and maintain and upgrade our resorts.

If you do not want to move your booking to 2021, you can contact the resort where you booked and our friendly agents will assist you to move the booking to later in 2020, if you prefer.

These measures will affect each of us personally and professionally, and we, as responsible citizens, will have to join hands and work together so that everyone, including the most vulnerable individuals in our society, can return to a better normalcy in the near future.
We wish you all the best of luck. Rest assured that you are not alone and we hope to welcome you over the Easter weekend in 2021.