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ATKV Resort promotions: how do they work?

Dear guest,

The ATKV's rate structure is based on four calendar divisions (except for Hartenbos, which has only three calendar divisions), according to which all ATKV members already receive a discount/benefit on published member rates, before any other promotional discount is taken into consideration. This percentage discount for members (before any promotional discount) is currently up to 30% for a midweek in off-season, up to 25% for weekends in off-season, up to 20% for school holidays and long weekends and up to 15% in peak holiday season, of which the largest benefit falls over the December/January school holidays.

The advantages are therefore:

  1. Members can use the literature rate throughout the year
  2. Members can also take up the promotion and save more than the member rate
  3. These promotions are done at the resorts where occupation is struggling. This helps to give the resort a boost so that the resort(s) can remain sustainable in order to ensure that we, as the ATKV, can still fulfil our cultural responsibilities.

Therefore, if a promotion of 20% discount on off-season accommodation (midweek) is offered to members, and a discount of 25% to non-members, the total discount for members as opposed to non-members can be set out as follows:


Member structure:

Member discount: 30% as ass opposed to the published non-member rates
Promotional discount: 20% of the above-mentioned value
The total combined discount and benefits for members is therefore 50% as opposed to the original published non-member rates.


Non-member structure:

Only the promotional discount of 25% as opposed to published non-member tariffs.
Members therefore get a benefit of 25% discount as opposed to non-members, which still makes it rewarding to belong to the ATKV.


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