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What the future holds for ATKV MICE

The COVID-19 pandemic started off as a distant threat in China and rapidly spread to the rest of the world before we could even comprehend its severity. Its reality hit home when we started seeing the infection numbers skyrocket in the blink of an eye. A lockdown was certainly not something that any of us would have imagined necessary. It has been almost a year since the South African government introduced our hard lockdown, and our business as well as the rest of the events industry is still struggling to regain the momentum that it once had. With the continuous restrictions still imposed on the industry, we need to remain resilient and continue to think of innovative ideas to ensure our industry's success for the years to come.

Business events with a fresh approach is what ATKV MICE is about, and such is our thinking in how we conduct our business. Taking on 2021, we still want to provide all of our guests with that authentically South African experience whenever they visit any one of our seven resorts for their business event, while still ensuring their safety and security on site. 

Our resorts are constantly seeking new ways to remain environmentally sustainable, such as having recycle bins readily available for guests, having water stations and glass bottles during a conference as opposed to using plastic, and encouraging guests to use water sparingly.

We have embraced the use of new technologies with the introduction of hybrid conferences at our resorts. This is our way of making conferences more accessible and convenient for all of our clients. Hybrid conferences also allow us and our clients to reach bigger audiences in a more cost-effective way, especially in this time of uncertainty. 

We will to continue to work with local suppliers in the communities around our resorts to make sure that job opportunities are created through partnerships with the ATKV. The relationships that we have built over the years and the work that we will continue to do in the industry with our partners are essential in ensuring that the MICE industry is a success for all stakeholders. Business events are now open for operation with slight adjustments. As we embrace our new normal, let's make this year's story one of our combined SUCCESS.