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ATKV Klein-Kariba: looking back with nostalgia

Written by Therien Roodt



Sparkling eyes, days filled with expectation and excitement, and the countdown until the holidays … These are my childhood memories of what had happened before we went on a wonderful holiday..

I will always remember the very special family holiday at ATKV Klein-Kariba. First, everything was carefully planned. Cents were counted and the car was serviced.

We were up very early, suitcases packed and ready for our Bushveld adventure. Our excitement actually came close to naughtiness, because for one strange reason we always fought over who would be sitting in the middle. However, the cold chicken, meat balls and pies always made the trip worthwhile.

In no time we arrived at our destination, as in a magic spell. We had hardly stopped at our apartment or we children would rush to the swimming pool.


There was always a happy vibe. The children had fun and excitement in the water and on the supertube, while the teenagers played putt-putt or sunbathed. Some older people would sit on blankets on the lawn, and watched their loved ones as they ventured into the cold water of the swimming pool.

We as a family did everything that we would not normally do – from hiking and cycling to going on game drives. My favourite activity was having fun on the large dam with the paddle and rowing boats. We spent quality time together, joining one another in all the activities. These memories no-one can take from us.

Today, about ten years later, I find myself at the beautiful resort once again. This time not for a holiday, but to work with my colleagues on a social media strategy.

Who would have guessed that my favourite holiday destination would one day be part of my career and playing such a big role in my life? Everything is still exactly the same, just as I remember from my childhood days.


From the first moment one is surrounded by the peace and tranquillity that only nature can bring. As usual, many families are relaxing at the swimming pool with their cooler boxes and picnic baskets, sharing joyful moments filled with laughter.

The Bushveld paradise offers something to everyone. From a variety of experiences and facilities offered with real Bushveld hospitality, to a vast number of fun activities for the whole family.

While experiencing the pleasant vibe at the jewel of the Bushveld, I long for those times when we chirped like birds around the campfire, waiting to enjoy our sizzling meat on the coals.

I feel the cool breeze on my arms and legs. The sun is shining brightly on my face and there is no sign of any clouds. While focussing hard on the social media policy, it dawns on me that there is just something special about this place that cannot be put into words. I have a restfulness inside me that I cannot describe to anyone.

With my holiday memories safe in my heart, I am experiencing the expectations and excitement of my new career, while being in this wonderful place.


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