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“2022 is the year to move out of survival mode”, says trusted thought leader, Erik Kruger

Erik Kruger is a thought leader and a pioneer of modern leadership. Being the founder of Modern Breed, an international speaker, executive coach and author, with a master’s degree in Executive Coaching, Erik maintains that “2022 is the year to move out of survival mode, not because the craziness of the world has subsided, but because it is set to continue. We cannot allow our potential and performance to be dictated by external forces. But more than that, at a deep psychological level, it is time to move beyond the powerlessness that was instilled over the past two years, to get to a place of ownership, responsibility and effectiveness.” 

According to this high-performance coach and facilitator, who is trusted as a thinking partner by the likes of the Young President’s Organization, the Entrepreneurs Organization, Discovery, TedX and many more, this is not something that one can force on people. He does, however, personally believe that now is the time to extend the invitation to people for them to reclaim their own sense of power and awe.  To do that, individuals and teams will have to recalibrate how they think and behave, away from surviving the present, towards maximising opportunity and potential in the future. 

Great news for leaders and entrepreneurs is that his sought-after leadership manual, THE ART OF RECALIBRATION, which focus on the five calibrations (tensions) that individuals and teams must navigate in order to be successful, is now available as a FREE download here: 

The aim of this manual is for business leaders, entrepreneurs and HR practitioners to be successful in an uncertain and volatile world, in which they constantly have to realign how they think and how they do things.

This leadership manual underwent a rigorous process of curation and is incredibly insightful and valuable.  It will not only help you and your team to focus and find the right level of calibration, but also to understand that you constantly need to calibrate to what is required.  

The calibrations shared by Erik in this manual stem from work he has done with organizations across the world.  It is a combination of looking at the trends in anticipation of how leaders will have to adapt, reflecting on the challenges faced by his clients, and private coaching conversations he has had with numerous leaders across varying industries and business sizes. 

Each section leaves room for you, as the leader, to reflect on whether there are leadership development opportunities and, at the end of the manual, there is a summary of reflections for you and your team to consider and work through together, as you move into 2022.

The five calibrations covered in the 2022 leadership manual of the leadership manual are:


“If the past two years has taught us anything, it is that threats exist and that our response to these threats determine the kind of future we will create.  Your life is essentially a combination of the multiple roles you play. You assume these roles because they are important to you and to the people around you. 

You are a leader, a partner, perhaps a parent, a lover, a friend. But look deeper at these roles, and you realise that you are also a pioneer, a guardian, a visionary, an explorer, an adventurer and the hero. What I am saying is that, in every instance, you must be a threat to the threat. A danger to the danger. You must be Dangerous. Of course, we are talking about threats that are overcome by wit, determination, and skill, mot a knife,” Erik concludes.

THE ART OF RECALIBRATION 2022 is powered by Sasfin.


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