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Safety measures at ATKV Buffelspoort are up to standard

Dear ATKV Guest

Since the shooting tragedy on Thursday 17 February 2022 at ATKV Buffelspoort, there have been several accusations of insufficient safety and security on the resort. After Beeld's visit to the resort on 24 February 2022, management would like to bring the following information regarding the incident to your attention:

  • The burglars gained access to the unit through an open sliding door in one of the rooms in the villa and three shots were fired. Mr Johannes Brits (68) was killed and three cellphones were stolen.
  • It is still unclear how the attackers gained access to the resort, but the matter is being investigated.
  • Safety measures at ATKV Buffelspoort are up to standard. After the incident, the resort's entire perimeter fence was inspected and we can hereby confirm that no damage was done to the fence, and that all zones of ATKV Buffelspoort's electric fence are in good working order.
  • Twice a year, the ATKV does an internal audit of the safety and security on all seven resorts.
  • The accusations that ATKV Buffelspoort only responded an hour after the incident occurred, are untrue.
  • The possessions of the building contractors on the resort were inspected and no weapons or stolen cellphones were found.
  • The ATKV is offering trauma counselling to their staff due to the incident.
  • Additional security guards were appointed to patrol the resort.
  • After the attack, the ATKV appointed an independent, external investigator to investigate the incident and assist the police.
  • Additional measures will be implemented depending on the outcome of the police investigation and safety measures at the rest of the ATKV Resorts will also be reinforced, if necessary.


Please note that the resort is functioning normally and is open for visitors. We request every guest's patience with the police investigation. ATKV Buffelspoort appreciates your understanding and unconditional support in this regard.

Buffelspoort greetings


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