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The ATKV has always been a place where our efforts regarding inclusion have come over many years, are ongoing and are rooted in our desire to be a place where any family, child or individual may use our facilities, take part in our developmental programs or compete at the highest levels across various disciplines in the arts.

ATKV Klein-Kariba has been accused of running an apartheid establishment and enforcing apartheid-style rules which exclude Black, Indian and Coloured travelers to the resort. The ATKV is a non-racial organization with membership that includes all races which support the ATKV’s value system. The focus of the ATKV resorts is to provide facilities for families to spend time together and to enjoy entertainment programs that will suit family participation.  Management of the ATKV would like to address these allegations made that the organization enforce apartheid-style and discriminatory rules and Management would also like to distance itself from any of the above allegations. The following feedback regarding these allegations are relevant:

Firstly, management can confirm that Me Sehlako did confront one of our entertainment presenters and she voiced her displeasure that the introduction to the entertainment program was conducted only in Afrikaans. The presenter spoke to Me Sehlako in English, and tried to explain that he would address her concerns shortly after he was done presenting the activity that was taking place at that given time and moment,  but he wasn’t given the opportunity.  However, had she given the presenter time, he would’ve explained to her that our entertainment programs are presented in both Afrikaans and English, and at Klein-Kariba specifically, we do have a staff member who would explain the activities and program in Sepedi, Sotho or Tswana when English isn’t sufficient.

Secondly, over the Easter Weekend, a few families were making use of Klein-Kariba as a holiday destination, whose home language were not Afrikaans, and their children supported and participated the entertainment programs presented. The programs were presented in both Afrikaans and English and the overall conclusion, also indicated in the guest reviews, is that the programs were well supported and enjoyed by participating resort guests.  

Our entertainment teams at the various resorts are also trained to assist children of all ages in Afrikaans or English, to ensure children understand the games, not only during holiday and or long weekend periods, but at any time when programs are conducted.

Further to Me Sehlako’s complaint that the resort would not refund her when she indicated she wanted to leave the resort because of her displeasure with the format of the entertainment program, the resort would like to refer to Klein-Kariba’s cancellation policy:

The resort does not provide refunds to guests who voluntarily leave the resort prior to their check-out date, unless the cause of the early departure or cancellation is sickness or death. In the case of cancellation because of death or sickness, an administration fee of only R95 will be required if you provide supporting documentation.

Lastly, Me Sehlako’s allegation that ATKV Klein-Kariba, and the rest of the ATKV resorts, are exclusionary, is factually incorrect. The ATKV is prepared to defend the hard work we do, as an organization, to ensure we are inclusive in all aspects of our business model and will always strive to be a destination of choice to everybody in the domestic holiday travelling market.


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